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Our company is one that has a deep sense of obligation to our customers. Therefore, we provide you with only the highest level of customer service that you can get at all times. We are not only highly responsive, but also we are open and honest communicators. That is why so many customers come to FKS Cleaning for their office cleaning needs.

We offer a vast assortment of commercial cleaning services. Some of the most common services that we provide the community are services such as:

Industrial Cleaning

Adaptability is our middle name. We can provide your Melbourne business with specialized attention and unique solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We can adapt to any size establishment, so you can come to us with your needs whether you have a large establishment or a small one. We offer the best cleaning services for warehouses that Melbourne has to offer.

Safety Driven Cleaning Services for Professional Industry

Does your company have a messy warehouse? A messy warehouse indicates that a serious internal issue is lingering. An unkempt warehouse usually means that your workers have had a drop in self-esteem or morale. It may mean that they no longer care about the business's appearance as much as they should. If such is the case, then you need to give it attention ASAP.

A messy warehouse does not just affect the warehouse workers; it affects the entire business. First of all, anyone who visits the establishment is going to get the impression that management is very poor. Such people may want to conduct business with another company after they get a good look at your warehouse. A messy warehouse can slow down your production and your shipping and receiving, as well. Inventory can get lost in the shuffle. Accidents can happen. The mess could end up costing you a lot of money. Consider hiring some cleaning services that focus on the industrial aspect of cleaning.

We're Part Of The Team

FKS Cleaning is the company that you want to call if you are looking for professional and prompt service from a Melbourne provider. Give us a call so that we can discuss all of the services that we provide, and you can tell us about all the services that you and your company need. We are here to make a difference and boost your company morale by putting the pride back into your establishment through our cleanliness efforts.

We can clean just about any industry in the area. We have experience and success working on light and heavy industries. Some of our projects have been quite diverse, and some of them have had some severe circumstances. We've always managed to leave a business in better shape than it was in when we first came to help. Allow us to provide you with some of our industrial cleaning experience. By putting us on the scene to help get your warehouse tidy, you are ensuring that your establishment continues to operate production with no lapses.

You may wonder what our professional industrial cleaning services cover. We cover more areas than most of our clients imagine. Our extensive work covers warehouses, dongas, labs, loading bays, high traffic areas, production sites, site offices and warehouses. We don't just pick up in one area. We thoroughly give your entire building an overhaul.

We have the right solution for you whether you are a small distribution warehouse or an extremely large production plant. We can use our extensive industry experience to develop a precise solution for every kind of workplace that exists. Bring us your ideas, and we will bring you success.

Cleaning Services That'll Make You Smile!

Our Site Cleaning

Our primary focus is safety whenever we enter an industrial site or workplace. We want to ensure that your workers and your customers have the most secure site possible when they visit. Therefore, we commit ourselves to promoting a safe workplace and also putting in the necessary work that you need to make your environment become safe. We will adhere to the methods and procedures that your company has for safety.

FKS Cleaning is a thorough establishment, which means that we don't do anything partially. Our employee training process includes extensive training of our cleaners so that they learn the latest safety standards, and they learn how to spot hazards. When we come to your business, we will look for dangerous situations in your warehouse and in other areas of the establishment. We will make suggestions to you that you can listen to or disregard. These suggestions will help you to ensure that all of your employees are following a safety code, and those who are not following one get started. We ensure that our cleaners are trained above and beyond industry standards so that you get everything that you need. Your security, happiness and serenity is our goal.

Think of Us as Part of the Team

We step into your door as one of your team members, meaning that your aspirations are our aspirations. We want to provide you with convenient services during hours that are convenient for your company. If you need us to work during off-peak times, we wild do that. We will also try to dress accordingly and make ourselves blend in with your employees. That way our projects never seem intrusive. They are always smooth and never disrupt the flow of your business day. We are a service-oriented business, so serving you properly is our main priority.

You can add a variety of services to your contract. One thing you can add to the contract is your bathroom and consumables. You can leave the stock levels to us instead of taking the burden upon yourself. You will never have to worry about your stock levels if you hire us to take care of it. We use pH-neutral cleaning elements to ensure that none of your workers become ill.

Commercial Office Cleans

You will love working with us because you will realize that you are working with a company that truly cares about your wants and needs. We know that all of our customers are unique. The fact that we care makes us unique.

Our Melbourne Commercial Office Cleaning

Whether you have a small Melbourne business or a large one, our experts will do their best to make it spotless. We consult with you to ensure that we grasp the concept of your vision, and then we go to work.

Melbourne Commercial and Office Cleaning Services

You need a professionally cleaned business establishment and workplace.

The condition that your workplace is in affects everyone who enters it from the employees, to the clients. You send a message to your workers by keeping their workplace a certain way. If you keep it dirty, then you are saying to your employees that you do not care about them or the place that they work. That could make them lose confidence and leave. Likewise, potential clients and current clients may change their opinion about your business and stop associating itself with you. You can avoid that ill fate by scheduling some time with us so that we can provide you with the services that you need. Just give us a call and let us know that you need our assistance.

Keeping the work environment clean has many benefits to it. One of those benefits is that it creates a happy vibe. It also boosts employee productively and allows your visitors to see a professional image instead of an uncaring image. Contact us so that you do not have to go through the trouble of coordinating numerous people to restock your products and clean the various areas in your establishment. You can just hire one company full of friendly cleaners and skip trying to find a cleaner for each individual service. We can help you with all the services. We will give you a free quote when you call, and you we will not obligate you to purchase any services. You will make the decision to do that just by experiencing our high-quality customer service, our business ethics and our integrity.

Tailored cleaning services.

We Can Tailor Your Services 

You do not have to purchase a premade package. You can tell us what you desire when you have your consultation. Let us know what you need, and then we will tailor the perfect package for you. We have had many clients big and small over the years, and we have cleaned the establishments for various events such as holiday parties, awards ceremonies, sales events and the like.

You can develop any cleaning strategy that you want for your business. Our office cleaning programs include exterior and interior cleaning. Exterior cleaning includes the parking lots, gardens can more. We also provide you with window cleaning and restocking services. We clean the kitchen, as well. All those services come in the standard package. We can add additional services, but you need to tell us in your consultation which services you want us to conduct. We can then create a package that is perfect for you.

We Get to You Quickly

You can call us in the midst of an emergency and be sure that we will get to you quickly. We will get your business back together so that you can get back to commerce.

Trustworthy Workers

You can trust our workers around your expensive office equipment because we run our employees through an extensive approval process. You will never have to worry about anything bad happening to your place on our watch. In fact, our staff members will alert you if something seems amiss. We will take care of you and your things.

The health of your employees, customers and visitors is of the utmost level of importance to us. Please allow us to provide you with services like medical cleaning,school cleaning, hotel facility cleaning, retail center cleaning, shopping mall cleaning and college cleaning. We do it all. We are waiting for you to take the first step and reach out to us by calling our dedicated number. We are here to assist you with running your business efficiently and in a manner that is consistent with small business office cleaning standards. We will be delighted to help nurse your business back to health.