Small business office cleaning services

We provide services to all kinds of businesses from general offices, retail stores and medical centres to small commercial buildings.

Our goal is to provide each of our customers with the highest quality of cleaning services that suit their particular needs. With the same customer service and quality cleaning we have been providing our  home cleaning  service to customers .


We are now building the same high reputation we have with our home cleaning service we offer our clients.


FKS Office Cleaning


Our services include:

Rubbish Removal


Desks cleaning

Vacuuming of Carpet

Disinfect restroom, kitchen and telephone handsets

Collection of Trash

wipe all bins and kitchen appliances

kitchen cleaning


Lunchroom cleaning

Spot clean – including finger marks removal from glass

Wiping main entrance cleaning

Thoroughly clean all toilet areas

small business office cleaning services in Melbourne

Choosing The Right Cleaning Service For Your Needs


Your business's office is the first thing that customers or clients see when they come to visit you. Having a clean, well-lit, nice smelling office can impress clients, make them instantly comfortable and much more open to what you have on offer. As a result, choosing the right cleaning services in Melbourne can be critical to the well-being and financial stability of your company. This also means you have to hire a cleaning business that can keep your company offices spic and span 24-7.


Of course, there are thousands of friendly small business office cleaning companies available in your city and most of them are offering competitive rates, a range of services and other freebies that seem attractive. But stop right there...Its not enough to just clean the premises. A cleaning business should understand what the client company requires and it should demonstrate its commitment to hygiene and well-being. And this is where FKS Cleaning comes into the picture.


Let FKS Cleaning Services Do The Dirty Work For You


Buildings cleaned by FKS Cleaning showcase our strength and commitment to client welfare and this makes our company one of the most sought after cleaning agencies in the city. We work with small and large businesses to maintain offices, parking lots, restrooms, etc. which will ensure a clean work space and happy workers. With our cooperation, you can impress clients and take your business to the next level. We specialize in commercial spaces and you can hire us with complete confidence that we will keep your premises clean and clear in the most affordable budget possible.



What you get when you hire our small business office cleaning services:


Familiar Personnel - Every company deals with sensitive data and client related information. It becomes necessary to have trust-worthy cleaning staff who will ensure that client-related information and paperwork is not tampered with. With FKS Cleaning Services, you know that you are getting tried and vetted personnel. We make sure that each company is assigned the same personnel who have undergone extensive background checks. This way you are assured of familiar but trustworthy faces to care for your property.


Industrial Grade Cleaning - As a professional company, we use industrial grade cleaning equipment to make sure that your premises are clean and hygienic. Out employees are also trained to use state-of-the-art equipment and they use the best methods to clean your premises. They also undergo regular evaluations to ensure that their skills are up to par. You are always welcome to visit our company and we will give you a guided tour on how a routine cleaning is done.


Good Value Prices - We have worked with the best companies in the area and we know that we offer the most value driven prices possible. Just give us a call and our company representative will visit your office to give you a quote and a customized deal to suit your personal requirements.


Customer Service - We have a huge customer service section that will deal with all your requests. You can leave a message on our website or message us as well. Just call the number provided on the card and a company representative will get in touch with you almost immediately.


Emergency Services - As a cleaning company, we are well aware that emergency services may be required. You may have a big project that staff are working on overnight. When this is happening, you need a cleaning company to clean up the premises almost 24-7 even when staff members are working. This scenario is where we demonstrate our effectiveness as well. Just let us know your requirements and our cleaning staff will be there when and where you want us. We will ensure that offices, boardrooms and restrooms are clean and sanitized even when staff members are rushing through their project work.


FKS Cleaning are your Melbourne friendly cleaners, offering many benefits to our customers and we pride ourselves on being the best. As a savvy small business owner, you know that a good cleaning company can handle all your cleaning needs and ensure that you are presentable in the morning when staff and clients start coming in. We are trustworthy, reliable, and thorough in our job and this makes us the clear choice for all your commercial cleaning needs.

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