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When you want cleaners in Melbourne, we'll give you cleaning with a smile, offering weekly, fortnightly and even monthly cleaning!


To ensure we clean your house to the highest level, we have a list of standards we have created to see that your home is cleaned to perfection everytime.


Kitchen cleaning

We clean & wipe all the benchest, the fronts of the kitchen cupboards, clean the splash backs and/or tiles. We also clean the oven top, wipe range hood, wipe down the inside of the oven, and clean inside and outside the oven door, cleaning of the microwave, wipe appliances down, take out the rubbish, and replace the bin liner. Lastly we clean the tables, chairs coffee tables and dust furniture.


Clean Bathrooms and Showers

We scrub the showers and wipe and clean tile scum, then and scrub grout. Cleaning the entire shower basin and under rim, we then disenfect entire bathroom and shower, clean basins, bath, clean taps we wipe tiled walls as required. Finishing with cleaning the mirrors dust skirting's as required vac mop floors.


Bedroom cleaning

Vacuuming the carpets, dusting the bed side tables/furniture. Cleaning of the mirrors and dust skirting and window sill as required.


Living areas

Vaccuming and mopping the floors, dust all surface areas possible including the entertaiment areas furniture and skirtings. Dust tv's and entertainment equipment. We move couches, tables and chairs and return them. We only move furniture that can be moved safely.


Stairs (if applicable)

We'll dust skirtings and balustrating, vac and mop if there's no carpet. All switches and power points are wiped as necersary as are doors and door frames, plus any furniture.



Clean and scrub toilets inside the bowl and under the rim. Disinfect toilets, seats and wipe outside bowl including behind the bowl where you can't see. Wipe the tiles around toilet and window sills, clean skirtings, replace bin liner in toilets if needed and we supply the liner. Plus vaccuum and mopping the floors.

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