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Organizing loose papers can be a real hassle. Piled up paper throughout the office is more than just messy, it creates a very difficult work space. It takes a lot of time to get things organized correctly once it's been let go. Important documents become extremely hard to find when you need them (and you usually need them quickly). The good news is that there are quite a few ways to organize those loose papers during an office cleaning procedure. One of those ways is to hire a small business office cleaning service.

Filing cabinets have always been very effective for keeping things in order. They can hold things like -

Work Orders

Product Specs

Customer Profiles

Vendor Information



and more. Files can be labeled according to their purpose and you can file all your documents into their proper places whenever you clean your office.

Some documents need to be immediately on hand. For these you can utilize desktop trays along with wall-mounted pockets. These are good for holding things like -

Open Customer Files

Bills To Be Paid

Paperwork Concerning Things Currently in Dispute

and to save space today we have the ability to scan documents into a computer and store them electronically.


This is not only necessary for having a sanitary company office but it provides safety for both customers and staff. Restrooms are high traffic areas and must be cleaned EVERY day. So find a cleaner in Melbourne who can handle the job properly.

Toilet bowls need to be cleaned using a disinfecting cleaner with a toilet brush. The seat, lid, outside circumference, tank, and toilet base all need to be hit with some disinfectant. Toilet bowl deodorizing cakes help maintain a freshness between cleanings.When you hire one of the best cleaning services they'll hit every spot without a hitch.

Aside from hitting the toilet bowl with a disinfectant cleaner, the sink and counter areas need to wiped down with it too. The paper towel holder, toilet tissue dispenser, and the soap dispenser all need to be filled.


Your electronics need to be kept dust free and clean. Dusters are excellent for this. They can blast the dust right out of those hard-to-reach tight spots. They're great for dusting vents, fans, and keyboard keys. Wipe down your electronics using a soft rag that is slightly moistened with a well-performing disinfectant spray.


Break rooms are another hot-spot for germs and bacteria to gather. Many break rooms have food being prepared and stored there. Having a clean break room is like having a clean restroom, it's crucial for the protection of your employees. Aside from that it's even good for morale.

Always make sure the refrigerator is clean and well organized. Make a point of throwing out old food at least once a week. Wipe down all the interior using a damp rag and disinfectant. Spray down the sinks, chairs, shelves, tables, and counter-tops. Open up the microwave and use a disinfectant rag on it as well (this should be done daily). Messes within the microwave will become hardened, making it very hard to clean if you let it go.

If there's a dish drainer it will need cleaned daily as well to prevent mildew. Wash dish towels and hand towels regularly. Replace the dish sponges as necessary


These need to be emptied daily including the ones in the office spaces, break room, public areas, restrooms, and conference rooms.


Your public areas should always be presentable. When clients and customers visit and their first impression is that your place of business is clean, it sets the tone for business that goes on there. It sets a good tone in the mind of your clients.

All the seats need to be dust-free. No stains and no crumbs. If you put out magazines, pamphlets, books, or other types of reading material, they should be clean and tidy. The furniture, plants, blinds, window treatments, knick-knacks, artwork, and shelves should never show dust. Wipe down the walls if they are showing marks. Vacuum your floor and when it needs a good mopping see that it gets it.

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