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The Friendly Cleaners Melbourne Locals Trust Offerring You Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

By nothingbutnet, Jun 21 2016 04:16AM

Traditional Cleaning:

If you use the traditional method to clean bathrooms, you likely use glass cleaners, disinfectant cleaners and acid cleaners for the bowl. While these products can certainly do a thorough job in your bathroom areas, they are often bad for both the natural environment and the consumers who are using them. Moreover, a lot of traditional cleaning agents are comprised of petroleum-based ingredients, meaning that they are not renewable and thus, it is far more eco-friendly to opt for a water-based, green alternative such as one that might be used by the friendly cleaners Melbourne locals trust.

A lot of homeowners and residential companies that use traditional cleaning methods often use white, cotton towels when cleaning surfaces as well. If using cloths like these, there is always the risk of cross-contamination as you travel from one surface to the next.

Traditional cleaning for bathroom floors typically entails sweeping these surfaces with a dust mop or broom and then using a sponge mop, cotton mop or a clean cotton towel to wet wipe the floors.

Green Cleaning Solutions

When you use the environmentally-friendly products, methods and tools that the best cleaning services use to clean the bathroom, you're using cleaning products that are far safer along with tools and cleaning systems that are much more effective. Start by transitioning to products that are better for the environment, human life and aquatic life. Consult with a nearby distributor as companies like these usually carry at least one product line that's environmentally-friendly. The best case is to use products that are non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly and certified.

As you clean the bathroom, there are a lot of surfaces that must be disinfected ad so you should be sure to avoid cross-contamination. Microfiber cloths that are color-coded will make this easy. Every color of towel is assigned to a specific area or task. For instance:

Blue towels - taps and mirrors

Yellow towels - bench tops and sinks

Red towels - toilets

Cleaning bathroom flooring with green cleaning strategies and equipment entails the use of a top-quality vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter, instead of sweeping, given that sweeping simply moves dust and dirt around and can make these things become airborne.

When you mop floors with green-cleaning methods and equipment, you will be using a mop made from microfiber, rather than using a traditional mop and bucket. Mops that are made from microfiber use less water, are very lightweight, and can trap far more soil and dirt. To avoid cross-contamination in medical facilities or as part of your small business office cleaning, simply switch mop heads as you move from room to room.


Simply by making small changes in the chemicals, cleaning methods and equipment that's used, it is possible to have a major impact. In addition to protecting the natural environment, you can also protect your pets, families and workers from outdated equipment and harmful chemicals that could lead to a range of wholly preventable injuries and illnesses.

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