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July Clean Up With 8 Winter Cleaning Tips

By nothingbutnet, Oct 5 2016 02:09AM

We often stay at home during the winter just because the weather turns cold. This is a good time to engage in winter cleaning. You will be working in a warm, toasty house even if it is cold outside and your house will be spic and span.

While it may be necessary to find a cleaner to help with more difficult chores, there are many things you can easily do for yourself. The following tips can help.

Clean Your Chimney

Before starting the first fire of the winter, you should have a complete chimney sweep conducted. With the danger of a fire a real possibility, it is recommended that this job be left to a professional.

Clean and Straighten the Pantry

To begin with, check the expiration dates on every item in your pantry. If there are any out-of-date supplies, toss them in the trash. Arrange the remaining items so that older ones can be used first. You may be surprised at how much space you can free up.

Sort Through Your Clothes

Since its winter, arrange place your winter clothes in the closet so that they are easy to get to. Pack away warm weather attire for now to make more room. Go through your socks and mittens and pair them up or throw away those without partners. Mend anything that needs it and wash items as needed.

Clean and Polish Shoes

Clean and polish your shoes on a regular basis, especially if they have been worn outside. Use a protectant spray to protect them during inclement weather. Have Repairs done on those needing it and toss any that are worn out.

Frequently Vacuum Carpets

The winter season brings with it the possibility of family and visitors tracking in water, mud, slush and lots of outdoor debris. A well placed welcome mat will stop a lot of this from getting inside, but not all. Reduce the amount of dirt that collects in your carpet by following a regularly scheduled vacuuming routine. You can even find a cleaner or a number of cleaning companies that will steam clean your carpets now and then for you. This deep cleaning will remove spots and stains that are harder to get up.

Your Floors Need Attention

Keep hard surface floors clean and dry by mopping them regularly. This is especially helpful in entryways and other high traffic areas. You can also consider removing your shoes while inside your home.


With the heating system operating, you can expect that dirt, dust and germs will be well distributed throughout your home. Dusting frequently and using a disinfecting solution with which to wipe dust off surfaces can prevent germs from causing illness.

Feeling Lazy?

If you just don't want to do it yourself, you can always find a cleaner to do it for you. Cleaning companies can have your home cleaned in a jiffy and offer services that fit right in with your schedule.

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