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By nothingbutnet, Dec 7 2016 03:12AM

When cleaning time comes around we want to get it done quickly. We want it to be easy, efficient, and simple. For many homeowners it can be a stressful process that they view as time consuming and frustrating, especially when the results are poor. Our experience has revealed that the problems mostly arise from the products and methods that are used to take on the project. Some products and methods seem to double the time and work you have to put in to get a satisfactory result. Others are quicker. Here is a top 10 list of the most common mistakes made during cleaning projects that are are waste of your time -

(1). You Can't Get Clean Results Cleaning With Dirty Rags

Once a cleaning rag has been used it needs to be washed before being used again. Sometimes people pile up old rags into a basket or receptacle of some kind and then pull them out to clean without considering they are dirty. With rags like that all that happens is dirty being spread all around. To keep your rags clean just rinse them really well before cleaning, in the middle of the project, and again at the end. Make sure when you rinse that the water comes our clear and clean.

(2). My Mirror Looks Dull and Plain

This particular mistake is one of the classics. To clean your mirrors all you do is spray it with glass cleaner and wipe it with a microfiber cloth or newspaper while it's wet. It inevitably winds up streaked and murky across the surface. You have to wipe them down with a clean cloth at the beginning to take off the surface dust and dirt. Once you get the surface dirt off the glass cleaner will be much more effective.

(3). The Un-Soaked Dishes Mistake

It only takes a couple of seconds to run some water over dishes that are in your sink. The payoff is tremendous. The soaking gives saves a lot of elbow grease by softening and loosening up the food particles. The water also helps to prevent things from hardening after long exposure to the air. Using the hottest water possible will help to disintegrate and cut most food stuffs. Just the simple act of running some water over your dishes saves a lot of work , unnecessary elbow grease, and headaches.

(4). Window Cleaning (Dusting, Spraying, Wiping, Repeating)

When you clean your windows at the right time of day you probably won't need to repeat the process. Lots of people believe the best time and type of day is a sunshiny day when the sun hits the windows directly. However, the truth is that it's better to clean windows on a cloudy day or in the late evenings when the sun is not so harsh.

The sun heats your windows and your glass cleaner dries up quicker, causing it to streak when you wipe it down. That's what constitutes having to clean it repeatedly to get the streaks removed. Clean your windows on a cool overcast day if you only want to do it once.

(5). Carpet Stains

Many times people attack their carpets so viciously to clean them that they wind up damaging the fibers. Gently blotting is a much more effective way of cleaning carpets. It absorbs the stains and wipes well with a clean cloth.

(6). Understand Your Cleaning Tools

One of the big mistakes people make when cleaning is using the wrong tool for the job. There is a time for abrasive scrubbing tools and a time for gentle sponging and absorbing tools. Knowing the difference and applying it to your cleaning project makes for good results.

(7). Less Can be More With Cleaning Products

There is a tendency to believe that using more product will get cleaner results. This is actually not the case. A soapy residue can remain when you use too much cleaning product just like with washing clothes or using too much furniture polish. Use the least possible product to achieve the desired results.

(8). Frequently Empty Your Vacuum (change your bags)

A vacuum that is full of dust is of no use at all. Aside from not picking up dirt it spreads it out even further into corners and empty spaces. Always take the time to empty and clean your vacuum while cleaning. Change the bag as soon as it appears to be full.

(9). Standing Time on Cleaning Products

Certain cleaners require you to let the product stand after each cleaning phase in order to be effective. If you neglect that requirement you could wind up cleaning for a much longer time and with more effort (similar to using a toilet bowl cleaner).

(10). Cleaning Should be Done From The Top Down

The best cleaning systems are the ones that clean from the top down. Naturally, loose dirt and debris will fall downward because of gravity. When you start at the bottom and work your way up you drop excess dirt back onto the surface you just wiped clean.

With FKS the job gets done properly without wasting any time. Our work include guides, tips, and quality cleaning services in Melbourne. You can hire your own house cleaning company today and see for yourself! Click here for more detailed information regarding services and pricing.

By nothingbutnet, Nov 2 2016 01:16AM

Office cleaning is not something everyone looks forward to doing, much less during winter. Wouldn't it be lovely to just wrap yourself with the warmest blankets and just roll around in your bed the whole day? Everyone gets a tad bit lazier during this season that even getting ready for work becomes harder, so it comes to no surprise that no one gets excited about cleaning the office.

Reasons to Have A Tidy Office

Seriously, cleaning up doesn't feel that great at all. But this task is highly important for a number of reasons. Here are just a few examples on why offices should stay clean:

A Clean Office Makes for Healthier Employees

If there is a time when cleaning is of the essence, it is during winter. Have you noticed that during this time, a lot of people catch the flu? It's not just because of the cold weather that causing a mini flu outbreak. According to Dr. Joshua Zimmerberg of National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the virus wrapped in a protective coating which doesn't form as fast during warmer seasons. One of the ways to avoid flu from spreading is to keep some distance from those who have caught it as the virus can be carried as far as 6 feet away. Since it most likely the air in your office is circulated, the virus may also be circulated.

Dust are most likely to accumulate during this time as most spaces do not have sufficient humidity. This can cause allergic reactions, and even irritation adding to the growing number of health issues that arise during the cold season.

Keep Impressing Your Clients

Do you want your clients to be greeted with a sight of a muddy and soggy floors? And get a whiff of stale air? Of course, you don't. Making a great first impression is essential, but keeping that amazing impression is another thing entirely. If your patrons see that your establishment still looks and smells wonderful even during the laziest time of they year, it's bound to leave a positive view of your business.

Keep the Morale High

Most people spend 40 hours a week inside the office. Staying in an unkempt environment can make people cranky and lower the overall productivity rate of the staffs. Add the winter blues, and you'll find yourself having more misunderstanding with your co-workers. A well-organized room makes people feel less anxious and more cheerful. So always make it a point to have your space tidy as much as possible.

Foolproof Tips on Office Winter Cleaning

Now how do you start cleaning? Better yet, when should you begin? To help you out, we're giving out professional advice on keeping your establishment clean this cold season:

Clean your Windows to Let the Light In

Never underestimate the effect of a well-cleaned window especially during the winter months. Chances are, your windows have gathered dead leaves, dirt, and other junks blown over by the autumn winds. These debris can make your window dim and grimy.

Clear windows allow more sunlight to reach your space; and who doesn't want extra warmth during the coldest season? Aside from that, a clean window lets you see the amazing views outside your store or office.

Keep the Floors Well-scrubbed

One of the most heavily damaged areas during the cold months is the floor. The moisture retained from ice melt can harm the floor. It may also cause injuries since a wet floor becomes slippery, and you certainly don't want that to happen to you, your staff, and your clients.

To prevent damages from both humans and floor alike, put some extra floor coating even before the winter months come. You may also have to constantly mop the floor throughout the day.Installing carpets and mats on your floors can also help your floors stay clean. Besides, carpets and mats give additional aesthetics.

Clear the Air

Check your HVAC system, and make sure that it is properly cleaned. This ensures that you will be breathing cleaner air throughout the season. Have the filter replaced to make sure that you get proper temperature. HVAC maintenance is essential as you don't want your system to break down just when you need it the most. Since you are staying in an environment where the air is being circulated, you don't want dust to add to the pollutants in the atmosphere.

Certain plants can also help purify the air. Adding certain houseplants like the golden pothos, aloe vera (which can also be used to treat wounds and burns), and even chrysanthemums can keep the air in your office clean. Aside from these plants air purifying abilities, they also add more beauty and life to your space.

Disinfect Your Gadgets

A lot of people get the flu during the cold winter months. Keeping your keyboards, phones, and door knobs sanitized reduces the chances of transmission. Regular disinfection is necessary, but more so during this cold season.You can lessen the chances of catching the sniffles when your stuff are sanitized.

Call Professional Office Cleaners

Let's face it, even if you would like to have a spotless office, the cleaning process can be quite tiring. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just indulge in a mug of hot apple cider or hot chocolate, instead of tidying up the place? There is an easy solution to that, all you have to do is avail office cleaning services.

Cleaning crews are well-trained to keep any space well-organized and sanitized. They know which areas need attention, and which spots people tend to overlook cleaning. Office janitorial services are beneficial especially during the coldest season of the year.

You won't have to worry about who will keep the office spotless during the holidays as cleaning people will make sure that you will be greeted with a fresh-smelling office when you come back. They also know which materials to use for any surface.

There many professional office cleaning services in the Melbourne area which will not clean your wallets dry. All you have to do is call, and you’ll have a clean office in no time.

By nothingbutnet, Oct 5 2016 02:09AM

We often stay at home during the winter just because the weather turns cold. This is a good time to engage in winter cleaning. You will be working in a warm, toasty house even if it is cold outside and your house will be spic and span.

While it may be necessary to find a cleaner to help with more difficult chores, there are many things you can easily do for yourself. The following tips can help.

Clean Your Chimney

Before starting the first fire of the winter, you should have a complete chimney sweep conducted. With the danger of a fire a real possibility, it is recommended that this job be left to a professional.

Clean and Straighten the Pantry

To begin with, check the expiration dates on every item in your pantry. If there are any out-of-date supplies, toss them in the trash. Arrange the remaining items so that older ones can be used first. You may be surprised at how much space you can free up.

Sort Through Your Clothes

Since its winter, arrange place your winter clothes in the closet so that they are easy to get to. Pack away warm weather attire for now to make more room. Go through your socks and mittens and pair them up or throw away those without partners. Mend anything that needs it and wash items as needed.

Clean and Polish Shoes

Clean and polish your shoes on a regular basis, especially if they have been worn outside. Use a protectant spray to protect them during inclement weather. Have Repairs done on those needing it and toss any that are worn out.

Frequently Vacuum Carpets

The winter season brings with it the possibility of family and visitors tracking in water, mud, slush and lots of outdoor debris. A well placed welcome mat will stop a lot of this from getting inside, but not all. Reduce the amount of dirt that collects in your carpet by following a regularly scheduled vacuuming routine. You can even find a cleaner or a number of cleaning companies that will steam clean your carpets now and then for you. This deep cleaning will remove spots and stains that are harder to get up.

Your Floors Need Attention

Keep hard surface floors clean and dry by mopping them regularly. This is especially helpful in entryways and other high traffic areas. You can also consider removing your shoes while inside your home.


With the heating system operating, you can expect that dirt, dust and germs will be well distributed throughout your home. Dusting frequently and using a disinfecting solution with which to wipe dust off surfaces can prevent germs from causing illness.

Feeling Lazy?

If you just don't want to do it yourself, you can always find a cleaner to do it for you. Cleaning companies can have your home cleaned in a jiffy and offer services that fit right in with your schedule.

By nothingbutnet, Jul 27 2016 05:13AM


Organizing loose papers can be a real hassle. Piled up paper throughout the office is more than just messy, it creates a very difficult work space. It takes a lot of time to get things organized correctly once it's been let go. Important documents become extremely hard to find when you need them (and you usually need them quickly). The good news is that there are quite a few ways to organize those loose papers during an office cleaning procedure. One of those ways is to hire a small business office cleaning service.

Filing cabinets have always been very effective for keeping things in order. They can hold things like -

Work Orders

Product Specs

Customer Profiles

Vendor Information



and more. Files can be labeled according to their purpose and you can file all your documents into their proper places whenever you clean your office.

Some documents need to be immediately on hand. For these you can utilize desktop trays along with wall-mounted pockets. These are good for holding things like -

Open Customer Files

Bills To Be Paid

Paperwork Concerning Things Currently in Dispute

and to save space today we have the ability to scan documents into a computer and store them electronically.


This is not only necessary for having a sanitary company office but it provides safety for both customers and staff. Restrooms are high traffic areas and must be cleaned EVERY day. So find a cleaner in Melbourne who can handle the job properly.

Toilet bowls need to be cleaned using a disinfecting cleaner with a toilet brush. The seat, lid, outside circumference, tank, and toilet base all need to be hit with some disinfectant. Toilet bowl deodorizing cakes help maintain a freshness between cleanings.When you hire one of the best cleaning services they'll hit every spot without a hitch.

Aside from hitting the toilet bowl with a disinfectant cleaner, the sink and counter areas need to wiped down with it too. The paper towel holder, toilet tissue dispenser, and the soap dispenser all need to be filled.


Your electronics need to be kept dust free and clean. Dusters are excellent for this. They can blast the dust right out of those hard-to-reach tight spots. They're great for dusting vents, fans, and keyboard keys. Wipe down your electronics using a soft rag that is slightly moistened with a well-performing disinfectant spray.


Break rooms are another hot-spot for germs and bacteria to gather. Many break rooms have food being prepared and stored there. Having a clean break room is like having a clean restroom, it's crucial for the protection of your employees. Aside from that it's even good for morale.

Always make sure the refrigerator is clean and well organized. Make a point of throwing out old food at least once a week. Wipe down all the interior using a damp rag and disinfectant. Spray down the sinks, chairs, shelves, tables, and counter-tops. Open up the microwave and use a disinfectant rag on it as well (this should be done daily). Messes within the microwave will become hardened, making it very hard to clean if you let it go.

If there's a dish drainer it will need cleaned daily as well to prevent mildew. Wash dish towels and hand towels regularly. Replace the dish sponges as necessary


These need to be emptied daily including the ones in the office spaces, break room, public areas, restrooms, and conference rooms.


Your public areas should always be presentable. When clients and customers visit and their first impression is that your place of business is clean, it sets the tone for business that goes on there. It sets a good tone in the mind of your clients.

All the seats need to be dust-free. No stains and no crumbs. If you put out magazines, pamphlets, books, or other types of reading material, they should be clean and tidy. The furniture, plants, blinds, window treatments, knick-knacks, artwork, and shelves should never show dust. Wipe down the walls if they are showing marks. Vacuum your floor and when it needs a good mopping see that it gets it.

By nothingbutnet, Jun 21 2016 04:16AM

Traditional Cleaning:

If you use the traditional method to clean bathrooms, you likely use glass cleaners, disinfectant cleaners and acid cleaners for the bowl. While these products can certainly do a thorough job in your bathroom areas, they are often bad for both the natural environment and the consumers who are using them. Moreover, a lot of traditional cleaning agents are comprised of petroleum-based ingredients, meaning that they are not renewable and thus, it is far more eco-friendly to opt for a water-based, green alternative such as one that might be used by the friendly cleaners Melbourne locals trust.

A lot of homeowners and residential companies that use traditional cleaning methods often use white, cotton towels when cleaning surfaces as well. If using cloths like these, there is always the risk of cross-contamination as you travel from one surface to the next.

Traditional cleaning for bathroom floors typically entails sweeping these surfaces with a dust mop or broom and then using a sponge mop, cotton mop or a clean cotton towel to wet wipe the floors.

Green Cleaning Solutions

When you use the environmentally-friendly products, methods and tools that the best cleaning services use to clean the bathroom, you're using cleaning products that are far safer along with tools and cleaning systems that are much more effective. Start by transitioning to products that are better for the environment, human life and aquatic life. Consult with a nearby distributor as companies like these usually carry at least one product line that's environmentally-friendly. The best case is to use products that are non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly and certified.

As you clean the bathroom, there are a lot of surfaces that must be disinfected ad so you should be sure to avoid cross-contamination. Microfiber cloths that are color-coded will make this easy. Every color of towel is assigned to a specific area or task. For instance:

Blue towels - taps and mirrors

Yellow towels - bench tops and sinks

Red towels - toilets

Cleaning bathroom flooring with green cleaning strategies and equipment entails the use of a top-quality vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter, instead of sweeping, given that sweeping simply moves dust and dirt around and can make these things become airborne.

When you mop floors with green-cleaning methods and equipment, you will be using a mop made from microfiber, rather than using a traditional mop and bucket. Mops that are made from microfiber use less water, are very lightweight, and can trap far more soil and dirt. To avoid cross-contamination in medical facilities or as part of your small business office cleaning, simply switch mop heads as you move from room to room.


Simply by making small changes in the chemicals, cleaning methods and equipment that's used, it is possible to have a major impact. In addition to protecting the natural environment, you can also protect your pets, families and workers from outdated equipment and harmful chemicals that could lead to a range of wholly preventable injuries and illnesses.

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